Ewing a head coach?

I was reading an article on probasketballtalk.com, about how Patrick Ewing may get a shot coaching Charlotte next year if Paul Silas cant get the job done. I decided to then read the comments and someone responded by saying that he does not deserve a coaching job because he lost the rookie sophmore game while coaching the sophmores!!!. Is that a JOKE!!, everyone knows no one tries at all during those games, all the players want to do is score, throw nice passes, have nice dunks and massive blocks. Ewing was probably just lounging on the sidelines talking to the players. He wasnt yelling at officials, calling pick and rolls and playing zone defense. I believe Ewing deserves a shot he has been an assistant coach under some very good coaches and did a very good job working with Yao and Dwight so why shouldnt he get a chance. If Vinny Delnegro who didnt assist, and guys like Jay Triano are in the league, why not give Ewing a shot, he does have experience coaching with some of the best. However worst comes to worst Ewing will for sure sell tickets.. Respond and let me know what you think about Ewing possibly being a head coach next year

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